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Conversations About a Werewolf (4/8)

Title: Conversations About A Werewolf
Rating: PG
Pairings: Remus/Tonks
Summary: A series of vignettes highlighting Tonks' attempts at gathering information on Remus. Set during OOTP.
A/N: Sirius wasn't supposed to show up in this chapter... what a sneaky bastard!

Conversations About A Werewolf
4. Molly Weasley

Tonks entered the kitchen of Grimmauld Place to find Arthur sitting at the very end of the table, reading the Evening Prophet, while his wife stood at the sink washing dishes.

“Wotcher, Arthur, Molly.”

Molly waved vaguely before setting her attention back to her work, while Arthur said, “Hello, Tonks,” as he peered over the newspaper at her.

“Anything interesting in there?”

“Not so far, no.”

“Not surprising. I mean, it is the Prophet,” she said with a snort.

“Yes, that’s true,” he agreed easily.

“Sometimes they’ve got some worthwhile articles,” Molly added, looking over briefly. “Not the news, of course, but reviews and such.”

“Yes, that’s true,” her husband agreed distractedly, turning his attention back toward the newspaper.

Tonks decided to leave Arthur to his reading, and headed over toward where Molly was pointing her wand at a dozen teacups.

“Can I help?”

“Err, no, Tonks, that’s all right, dear.”

“No really, I want to help.”

Molly looked slightly pained as she nodded, gesturing toward the pots and pans on the other side of the counter. Tonks pointed her wand and began to dry them. As they worked, Molly looked over at Tonks a few times, and after deciding that she seemed to have the situation under control – or at least, hadn’t injured herself or any of the dishes yet – smiled at the younger woman in earnest now.

“So are things with you, Tonks?’

“Oh, pretty good. Busy – you know, the usual.”

“Yes, I suppose you must be very busy with that job of yours on top of all the wonderful work you’ve been doing for the Order.”

Tonks smiled slightly and nodded, but did not say anything in response.

“It’s a shame though, a pretty young witch like yourself... I imagine it must be difficult to keep a social life.”

“A bit, yeah,” said Tonks with a shrug. “I’m not much for parties and whatnot anyway though. I tend to make a right fool of myself, and the less people to witness it the better.”

“I can’t imagine that. You’re always so charming with the Order.”

Tonks snorted. “Hardly! You lot are just more tolerant, I suppose.”

“Well, we are a bit like a family here, aren’t we?”

“That’s a good way to put it, yeah. One big paranoid, slightly mental family.”

Molly chuckled. “I suppose so!”

Tonks continued laughing slightly, as the conversation died out. Then, remembering something that had been on her mind earlier, cleared her throat. “You, Arthur, and the kids stayed here last night, right?”

“Yes, we did.”

“I know it was the full moon, did Remus stay, too? I’m just curious,” she added when Molly fixed her with an amused look. “He never mentioned what he does during full moons, that’s all.”

“No, he didn’t stay here, though I told him he could. I trust that he would be careful, especially considering what happened at Hogwarts.” She shook her head. “But, of course, he won’t trust himself.”

“Do you know where he went to transform?”

“No, he didn’t say.”

Tonks frowned, momentarily forgetting the jet of hot air coming out of her wand that she was using to dry the pots. Remus could probably give Mad-Eye a run for his money in the paranoia department, she decided. Really, it was rather unnecessary for him to go elsewhere for the full moon – between the wards she was sure he would put up and the fact that he would probably never forget to take his Wolfsbane potion again – but he did nevertheless. Molly was right, of course. It all came down to him not trusting himself.

“Tonks?” questioned Molly gently.


“I believe those pots are quite dry.”

“Huh? Oh!” she exclaimed, jerking her hand away in surprise. As she did so, she sent five pots and a large cauldron hurdling to the ground. “Bugger!”

“No matter,” said Molly dismissively, waving her wand and replacing the pots and cauldron as if nothing happened. “You and Remus are close, aren’t you?”

“What?” she asked, thrown off by the resurfacing of the former conversation topic. “I guess so, yeah. I mean, I think we are, though I’m not sure how he feels...”

“Oh, I’m sure he feels the same way,” said Molly with a grin.

Tonks frowned at her smile. “How do ya know?”

“I can just tell these things, Tonks. He’s always looking for you, sitting next to you, inquiring about you... much like you’re doing now about him.”

“Oh,” said Tonks, fighting to keep a smile of her own at bay. “That’s nice.”

Molly raised her eyebrows. “Remus is a very good man. Isn’t he, Arthur?” said Molly, her voice rising so that her husband could hear her.

“Mmhmm,” replied Arthur vaguely.


“I know he’s a nice bloke, Molly!”

Molly grinned again. “Of course you do.”

She paused, trying to think of any topic of interest other than Remus. However, nothing came to mind. “How long’ve known Remus, anyway?”

“Oh, not any longer than you, I imagine. I only just met him in May, but I knew him by name much longer. He was once somewhat of a celebrity with my family. My two brothers – Fabian and Gideon – were in the first Order. They were very fond of Remus, very found of him.”

“I didn’t know you have brothers. Where are...”

Tonks trailed off, cursing her own stupidity. Judging by the look on older witch’s face and her use of the past tense when speaking about them, she knew the fate of Molly’s brothers before she even said anything.

“They were killed,” she said, a hitch in her voice. “They put up quite a fight though. Took five Death Eaters to... finish them off.”

“Oh Molly, I’m so sorry.”

Molly waved Tonks off, as if to say it was no problem, but she let out a small sob that indicated otherwise. Tonks moved to pat the older witch on the shoulder, and Molly wiped her face on her apron. Just then, Fred and George entered the kitchen and, upon spotting their mother, turned to their father curiously.

“Your uncles,” said Arthur simply, as he rose to go over to his wife.

“Dad, we’ve got this one,” said Fred confidently as the twins strode over toward their mother.

“Hey, it’s okay, Mum,” said George.

“Yeah, Mum, they were great blokes, died a real hero’s death, didn’t they?”

“I just miss them so much!”

“I know, Molly,” said Tonks soothingly.

“I’m so sorry, you three must think I’m so silly, it’s just with everything going on...”

“Don’t say that, Molly,” said Tonks sternly.

“Yeah, Mum, we understand,” agreed Fred.

“Oh, boys! You two remind me of them so much! Always getting into trouble! It worries me so much sometimes!” wailed Molly, surprising everyone in the room by pulling the twins into a tight embrace.

“Well, we won’t deny that,” came Fred’s muffled voice from somewhere against her shoulder.

“Yeah,” agreed George against her other shoulder, “they were also quite dashing.”

“And brilliant,” added Fred. “Besides, don’t worry, we’re always careful.”

She let out a great laugh at that, and released both boys. “Careful, psh.” She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand and sniffed grandly before turning back to the sink. “Anyway, as I was saying before, Remus is a wonderful man.”

Fred and George looked from their mother to Tonks and then back again. “Someone fancy Lupin?” asked Fred with a cheeky smile.

“Mind your business,” snapped Molly sternly.

“No one fancies Remus,” said Tonks wearily. She didn’t want even more of the children thinking that she had feelings for Remus, especially not those mischievous twins. Who knew what sort of damage they would do, when left to their own devices.

“All right,” said Fred, but both be and his twin looked skeptical. “If you change your mind, Tonks, we can help.”

“Yeah, we’ve got just the thing to have Lupin licking your face like a pup.”

“Or not like a pup, if that’s what you fancy,” added Fred with a wink.

“A pup?” came Sirius’ curious voice, causing Tonks to jump. He had apparently snuck in, undetected by the rest. “What’s this about a pup?”

“Boys!” Molly hissed at her sons. “Don’t speak like that! And what sort of products are you referring to?”

“Nothing,” they replied in unison.

“Anyway, we should be off,” said Fred with an air of importance.

“Yeah,” agreed George, “lots of work to do before we head back to school.”

“Work?” Molly said disbelievingly. “What sort of work? Certainly not school work...”

“Sorry, mother,” said George, “but that information is top secret.”

“Good night, all!” Fred added brightly.

With that, the twins hurried out of the room, Molly calling, “If I hear that you’ve poisoned your sister one more time, there will be dire consequences!” at their retreating backs.
Molly then let out a great sigh, muttering, “Those boys will be the death of me,” as she turned back to her cleaning.

“So, who’s this man you want licking your face?” asked Sirius curiously, casting an amused look at Tonks.

“It’s nothing, just some rubbish the twins came up with.”

“Right,” he said with a chuckle. “Come now, Tonks, I could use the entertainment. Plus, I’d be a good Cupid.”

“How d’ya figure?” she asked curiously.

“Well, even though I’d have to wear a nappy, I have stunning legs.”

“Piss off,” said Tonks, unable to hide a smirk at the thought of her cousin in a nappy.

“All right,” he said, raising his arms in mock resignation. “But I will find out who this bloke is, Cousin.”

“Of course you will,” she said with a snort. “You enjoy yourself. I think I’m gonna head out, it’s getting late. Thanks for the wonderful dinner, Molly, as always.”

“Of course, dear, anytime! Thank you for your help cleaning up.”

Tonks smirked. “You’re only saying that because I didn’t break anything this time.”

Molly laughed, but didn’t deny Tonks’ statement. Instead, she added in a conspiring whisper, “And you know, if you ever need to talk...”

“Thanks Molly,” she replied just as Sirius asked, “Talk about what?”

“Piss off, Sirius,” she repeated, before smacking him lightly on the back of the head.

“Good night, Arthur, Sirius,” she called.

As she headed out of the kitchen, Sirius yelled, “Is it Moony then?”

“No!” she answered, far too quickly.

“A-ha! I was right. Yes, this will definitely be interesting...”

She ignored him, though as soon as she was out of sight, cringed. She was still sorting out her feelings for the man, and certainly wasn’t ready for people to play matchmaker. Did everyone know she fancied Remus?

Did he?

She felt her cheeks flush at the thought. Merlin, she hoped not.


1. Mad-Eye Moody
2. Kingsley Shacklebolt
3. Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger
4. Molly Weasley
5. Severus Snape
6. Sirius Black
7. Mundungus Fletcher
8. Remus Lupin

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“That’s a good way to put it, yeah. One big paranoid, slightly mental family.”

hahhaha awww indeed.

They were very fond of Remus, very found of him.”

just a typographical error, but awww i love/am sad at the idea that the Prewetts knew and adored Remus.

*hates you for introducing Fred and George into a conversation about Gideon and Fabian and having Molly compare them* you're evil, you know that? i'm teary now. its all way too tragic. poor molly.

AWWW I LOVED THAT! yay for sirius! how DID he turn up here, anyway? worth it, though, because he's bloody fantastic and i <3 all of them. you're characters are SO in character right now, i'm really, REALLY loving it. thank you for the twins also :D
Woops, haha how did I do fond and then found in the same line? Ridiculous.

Hah, I know it's sad but I also felt like they'd be so good at making her feel better. Plus name-wise, Fabian = Fred, Gideon = George, so I think JKR already compared them, didn't she? :p (I just realized that I was writing this story, I'm a bit slow!)

And was it really weird that he just popped in? I had him slip in unnoticed by anyone since they were all so engrossed in the convo/their reading (in the case of Arthur). Should he enter in a bit more obvious of a way?